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Car Wash
for Your Fleet

CEER for Business, your ultimate solution for your fleet car wash and cleaning needs.
At campus, office and

Car Wash for Business

Car Paint

Spotless & Gentle
Interior and Exterior

Corporate Car Wash

Made for
Business needs

Less Water 

Keep your fleet clean
Car Wash for Business
Spotless and gentle wash
We use special materials that contains surfactant and microfiber towels that dissolve stains and dirt while protecting the car from scratches and paint damage.
Interior and exterior cleaning
We provide cordless industrial vacuums to easily clean the interior seats and carpets. no need for direct power. We use special interior materials to clean and shine the dashboard.
Car Wash for Business
Car Wash for Business
Echo-friendly waterless cleaning
Average traditional car cleaning uses 30lit to 50lit of water for each car. We use waterless cleaning, No hose water and no waste of water, cleaner way for the site.
We serve you at campus, office or on-the-go. Let your employees request for car wash on-demand and our washers will come to them anywhere. Simply download our app and schedule your booking.
Car Wash for Business
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