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5 Ways To Prepare Your Car For A Any Car Wash

One of the best ways to maintain your car is to give a professional car wash. It not only saves your time but also helps in the proper upkeep of your vehicle.

If you are opting for a professional car wash, just handing over your key is not enough. There are certain preparations that you need to do to ensure that no personal properties are lost and a thorough cleaning of the vehicle is done. As a professional car wash service, we recommend the below steps for preparing your vehicle for a wash.

Clear your valuables

Most people tend to leave valuables like costly sunglasses, mobile phone chargers, and small electronic items in the car. If you have the habit of leaving your office documents in the car, you should clear that as well. You do not want any of the valuables to go missing while you hand over the car for cleaning.

Clear all debris

If you are used to long driving or driving with children, you know how dirty the car can become. Empty bottles and cups, food packets, and tissue paper will be strewn all around. It is best to remove all this and provide an empty car for cleaning. You should also open all the ashtrays and cup holders to check whether any special cleaning needs to be done in those areas.

Clear all accessories

From air freshener to pillow and car cover, there will be a lot of accessories in the car. If you travel with small children, you will even have small toys kept in the car. In addition, a puncture repair kit, tire inflator, pressure gauge are other accessories that are normally found in a car. You should remove all these accessories before handing the car over for cleaning.

Keep the duplicate key handy.

It can sometimes happen that the car gets automatically locked with the key inside. If you have taken the car to a service station for cleaning, they may have a duplicate key for opening. But in the case of an at-home car wash service, you need to keep the duplicate key handy, in case such an incident happens.

Special cleaning requirement

If you have any special cleaning requirement, you should note that down and mention the same to the cleaning agency. If the floor mat is really soiled or has some grease stuck on it, or if there are any stains on the car upholstery, you should mention that specifically while handing over the car for cleaning.


Preparing the car before handing it over to a car wash professional ensures that things go smoothly as planned. If you have kept any valuable in the car and it goes missing by any chance, it can create a lot of tension between the service agency and the client. Thus, it is always best to hand over an empty car for a professional car wash. Similarly, preparing a checklist of your cleaning requirements also ensure that you don not miss out on any important aspect of cleaning.

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