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6 Mistakes You Make While Washing Car At Home

Car Wash at Home

Most people undertake car washing on their own. The easy availability of car cleaning products and the easy-to-follow online tutorials comes in handy for DIY car cleaning.

A water hose, washcloth and car wash soap are all that is required to undertake car cleaning. But when you clean the car on your own, you tend to make several mistakes that prove to be costly in the long run. Let us have a look at a few of the common car-cleaning mistakes and how to avoid them.

What Are The Common Car Cleaning Mistakes?

1. Using the wrong soap

While cleaning the car, you should use only soaps meant for the purpose. Using other types of soaps or detergent will strip off the wax coating on the surface and will be harsh on the painting. This is because the composition of household soap is different from that used for washing the car.

2. Washing under direct sun

While washing the car, you lather the whole body and then rinse it with water. If you wash under direct sun, the soap will dry off by the time you finish lathering the whole car and get stuck to the car body. This can leave marks on the surface which can be difficult to remove. Thus, it is always advisable to wash the car on a shade.

3. Not changing the water.

This is mainly done by unprofessional car cleaners who use the same water again and again. Using the same water may not give the required result. You should squeeze the unclean water into a separate bucket and use clean water for rinsing.

4. Not cleaning the tires first.

Normally while cleaning any surface, you start from the top and finish at the bottom. But this is not the case with cars. You should clean the dirtiest part (tires) first before cleaning the rest of the parts. This is to prevent the dirt and grime from the tire from splashing onto the clean car body. Otherwise, you will have to clean the body twice to get rid of all the dirt.

5. Using wrong cloth for drying You cannot use just about any cloth for drying the car as it will leave marks on the freshly cleaned car. Instead, highly absorbent clothes like microfiber cloth should be used to dry the car after cleaning. This provides a perfect finish to the car.

6. Applying wax directly on the vehicle.

You should always pour the wax on an applicator and then apply it to the car. If you apply the wax directly, it can leave uneven streaks on the surface of the car. Also, two coats of waxing is enough. Anything more than two coats is a waste.


It is very important that you avoid the above mistakes while washing a car. The mistakes might appear to be small, but it can affect the overall look of the car. This is where professional car cleaners comes into their picture. With years of experience and the right cleaning products, professional car cleaners can leave your car sparkling like new.

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